Do You Chenoa? Down Payment Assistance Program is here!

Chenoa is a down payment assistance program, that a buyer can use to get into a home for 0% down!

Chenoa Your First Home!

Make use of down payment assistance to get into your first home!

Chenoa These Homes!

All of the homes below qualify for the 0% down payment program.


Open Houses w/ Down Payment Assistance


Under Priced Homes w/ Down Payment Assistance

Do I Qualify for Down Payment Assistance?

The Federal Government allocate funds each year for down payment assistance.The State of California gets their share of the down payment assistance funds.

The State of California will allocate some of the Down Payment Assistance funds for Gift Option, and some of the Down Payment Assistance funds for Soft Seconds, and the remaining Down Payment Assistance funds to the Hard Seconds. Typically the gift down payment assistance funds get used first so Apply now!

Federal government allocate funds each year for down payment assistance - Chenoa 1

Income Limitations.Qualifing for Down Payment Assistance Chenoa 1/2 is largely based on your annual income.

Here are the Income restrictions for these counties in California.

Riverside $70,610

Los Angeles $71,760

Orange $97,750

San Diego $84,525

Qualified for Chenoa based on your income - Chenoa 2

Make over the income restriction to get down payment monies granted or soft?Down Payment Option Chenoa 3 will work!

One of the biggest hurdles to purchasing your first home is the down payment. The Chenoa 3 down payment option gives you the option to finance your down payment!

Income over restrition , Chenoa 3