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We combine immediate real time events with rich historical data to help answer the toughest questions about the value of your home.

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As a licensed Real Estate Broker, HomeMate Realty has access to data across the state of California. Giving you real time value of your home. Interested submit your property address and email address

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Payment Buyer

Unless you are purchasing a home with all cash, you are a payment buyer.

Regardless of your down payment, your budget is set by how much income and debts you have.

Payment Ranges 
1 $0 - $1,500
2 $1,501 - $2,000
3 $2,001 - $2,500
4 $2,501 - $3,000
5 $3,001 - $3,500
6 $3,501 - $4,000
7 $4,001 - $4,500
8 $4,501 - $5,000
9 $5,001 - $6,000
10 $6,001 - $7,000

Loan Programs
FHA 3.5% Down Payment
VA 0% Down Payment
Chenoa 0% Down Payment
Conventional 5% / 10% / 20% Down Payment

HomeMate Realty is a modern online brokerage that operates in a unique way.

One Producing Broker

Shawn Casey Elliott is the Producing Broker for HomeMate Realty. No teams, no sales agents, just the source broker serving the state of California.

Outsides Agents

Shawn Casey Elliott can not physically cover the entire State of CA. Instead of hiring agents, he works with many agents all over the state by way of Referral.

Based in Orange County.

HomeMate Realty's base of operations is in Orange County.


On each property you view on the site, we give you access to professional resources how it really should be.

Casey Eliott
Nearest Proximity Realtor
From the list of partner Realtors you will see the one that is Nearest the Property.

Casey Eliott
Been there Realtor
From the list of partner Realtors you will see the one(s) that have already been in the Property.

Casey Eliott
Listing Agent.
Sometimes you just have a question for the Agent Listing the home for Sale, we give you that too.

Business Talk

Just like Real Estate all offers are negotiable.

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4.5% Total Commission

You get what you put in, best way to sell for Top Dollar.

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  • Marketing Top of the Line
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Whats the catch? No catch, when you sell you will pay the buyers agents commission.

  • Property Search Customized to you and your budget.
  • Private Showings See the home with out distraction!
  • Negotiations Experience matters, getting the best deal and closing on time.
Concierge Service

Referral Exchange

There are times when Shawn Casey Elliott can not phyiscally represent you on a deal, however you can still tap all of his expertise and experience while using another agent.

  • Selling or Buying Expert advise.
  • Contract Review Nuetral broker advice.
  • Quarter Back the entire transaction.